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A beautiful website is only as effective as how many people see it. People are searching online for your business – right now. Can they find you?

Use our powerful SEO program to march your website straight to rank #1 on Google for your chosen keywords.

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“Amazing work guys! Your SEO campaign has been bringing great results. I’m not sure how you’re different than my last SEO company but you have gotten me results in less than 2 months that they couldn’t even produce in a year.”

– Debbie, DND Spas Hot Tub Repair

Search Engine Optimization

Increased traffic drives increased revenue.

Getting traction on the Internet takes more than just owning a website. You are competing with thousands of competitors in billions of searches for a tiny bit of digital real estate - The top spot in the search results. Being on the second page instead of the first in the search results could mean the difference between barely surviving and thriving. We know exactly what the major search engines like Google value when ranking websites, and we make sure your site has everything it needs to rank and generate revenue for your business.

There's a Right Way, and a Wrong Way.

We do SEO right the first time

There's a lot that goes into SEO. If done incorrectly, it can do more harm than good. Good thing we know what we're doing and how to get our clients awesome results!

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Don’t wait to get started. 

SEO work takes time. This is due to the way Google’s algorithm works. Typically once an SEO campaign starts you will start to see changes in your rankings within 30-60 days, and see the maximum results in 6 months. Google indexes the changes made to your site, and links pointed to your site. We won’t get into the technical details, but you can be assured that the wait is well worth the results.

Our Process

Over the past few years, Stambaugh Designs has found what works for local Bellingham SEO services to get your website in front of the eyes of your target audience. We have helped established businesses gain even more customers and new businesses get off the ground quickly! Google is constantly changing it’s search algorithm and how it determines which websites show up in it’s results. Accordingly it is more important than ever to stay up to date on the latest algorithm changes that will affect your website, how many people see it and in effect direct changes to your online revenue. We are constantly researching new SEO tactics and our clients have seen amazing results with our proven system.

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