We live in a day of automation. If you’re not automating the majority of your online presence, then you’re falling behind to businesses that do.

Having your website set up for automation is key for having more time doing other critical business tasks. Not to mention if you have hired someone to run the online side of your business it will make their lives that much easier, and cheaper for you to pay them for their time.

Let’s look at 3 ways you can leverage your website to automate important marketing tasks and organization tasks for your business.

Automate pretty much ANYTHING with Zapier.

I can write an entire post on Zapier so I’ll try to keep this abbreviated. — Let me know in the comments if you’d like me to dive into this topic in a later post.–

In a nutshell, Zapier is an online service that utilizes the individual API’s of other web applications and allows them to interact and talk to each other. So what does this mean for automating your business?

Let’s look at a couple examples of how I use Zapier to automate some tasks in my business. I use a web application called FreeagentĀ to keep track of my contacts, projects, invoices, expenses, time tracking, taxes and more. When I have a new client, I set them up under a new contact so I can create new projects and invoices for them. I like to have their email in a list so I can email all of my clients at once for holiday greetings and my general newsletter.

Instead of starting in Freeagent and having to open Mailchimp, I have Zapier automate that task. Zapier sees that I added a new contact and automatically adds the email to a specific list in Mailchimp for me.

Now this is just one example, and one simple task that Zapier automates for me, every time, without fail.

Use Zapier to automate dozens of hours worth of work every month.

Get creative with Mailchimp

Email marketing is underrated by so many businesses. Entire multimillion dollar companies have been founded on effective email marketing campaigns.

Imagine writing something today that will work for your business tomorrow, next week, and even next year. That’s email marketing in a nutshell.

The goal is to write a series of emails, or content, that inform your intended audience about your brand, events, products, courses or even to just let them know how your day went.

People enjoy reading emails that sound like they were written by an actual human (go figure).

My point is that by setting up an automated email campaign with a service like Mailchimp, you can welcome new visitors on your website into your world without lifting a finger.

Automate your social reach

It sounds counterintuitive. Isn’t social media suppose to be made up of authentic humans having authentic interactions? Yes, of course. But there is also room for some robots.

An easy example is the problem I have with social media marketing. I create so much content that I never have time to sit down and post any of it.

I get to one or two social sites every now and then (Instagram [link] is my favorite and has most of my attention).

The key is finding a system that helps you send a blast out to multiple networks. I have a couple.

The first is, as you could probably guess, Zapier. The software has many automation uses and social is a huge one.

How about every time I post on Instagram it also posts that photo on my Twitter and Facebook, as well so stores a copy of the image in my Google Drive account?

Another spoke on the wheel to social media automation is the Publicize feature in Jetpack for WordPress. Everytime I post an article like this one it will be posted on my Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, LinkedIn and Google+.

Pretty awesome.


A lot of freelancers put up a website to collect dust. In my opinion if your website is making you money then you might as well not have one at all.

Utilize the many automation tools at your fingertips to make your website a marketing machine.

There are endless automation techniques you can do to shave off hours spent doing these tasks. Some business owners hire another person or entire teams to do a lot of this stuff when it can be totally automated.

Work smarter, not harder people.

Good day, and good design!

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